Without A Paddle

The title above is deceiving.  So back track to graduation weekend, when a local store called RIVER RAT was having a demo day where you could go out to a local lake and try out some of their different kayaks, canoes and paddle boards.  Luckily, this took care of the dilemma "What do we do all day with the parents?" because I can't just let them be bored out of their minds and I need to entertain them so they will want to visit us, right? right.

I should have known better.  I should've known that this little adventure would lead a certain someone that I'm married to and live with to become obsessed with one or more of these vehicles.  Which one do you ask?...Paddle boards.  He is obsessed with anything that is in board form {Wakeboard, Snowboard, Surfboard, Wake/surfboard, skateboard, longboard, you get the point}.  So naturally he wouldn't stop talking about them. Seriously. Wouldn't stop.  He spent hours researching different brands and types. Literally.  Hours.  After listening to if for a while, I just wanted it to stop.  I gave in.  I gave in and gave him a price limit for 2 boards.  Yes. I said 2 boards.  Because you CAN'T go alone.  It's dangerous.  So he found a deal.  And we got the boards.  Of course, I got sick and when the boards showed up, I couldn't go out and use them.  But James did.  He got up at 6:30 to be out by 7 so he could still make it to work by 9.  Yes I said 6:30.  AM.  Anyways, he sent me a few gorgeous pictures.  I can't wait to get out there and try them for myself.  

Heavy boxes

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