Without A Paddle

The title above is deceiving.  So back track to graduation weekend, when a local store called RIVER RAT was having a demo day where you could go out to a local lake and try out some of their different kayaks, canoes and paddle boards.  Luckily, this took care of the dilemma "What do we do all day with the parents?" because I can't just let them be bored out of their minds and I need to entertain them so they will want to visit us, right? right.

I should have known better.  I should've known that this little adventure would lead a certain someone that I'm married to and live with to become obsessed with one or more of these vehicles.  Which one do you ask?...Paddle boards.  He is obsessed with anything that is in board form {Wakeboard, Snowboard, Surfboard, Wake/surfboard, skateboard, longboard, you get the point}.  So naturally he wouldn't stop talking about them. Seriously. Wouldn't stop.  He spent hours researching different brands and types. Literally.  Hours.  After listening to if for a while, I just wanted it to stop.  I gave in.  I gave in and gave him a price limit for 2 boards.  Yes. I said 2 boards.  Because you CAN'T go alone.  It's dangerous.  So he found a deal.  And we got the boards.  Of course, I got sick and when the boards showed up, I couldn't go out and use them.  But James did.  He got up at 6:30 to be out by 7 so he could still make it to work by 9.  Yes I said 6:30.  AM.  Anyways, he sent me a few gorgeous pictures.  I can't wait to get out there and try them for myself.  

Heavy boxes


College Grad

After many years of working my tail off, I've finally done it! I've finally become a college graduate! {It's about time, I'm only what? 25 years old} I've spent the last 2 years specifically studying to become a RDH {Register Dental Hygienist} and I've finally done it!  It was a LONG road, but totally worth it.  Looking back, I don't think I could've picked a better program and I couldn't have been placed into a class {Now a sisterhood} that could have been a better fit for me.  It's always interesting to be in a room with a lot of estrogen, but as time goes on you care and love each other more and more and you really do feel like sisters {What are we going to do when we aren't seeing each other EVERY day?}.  We will always have the memories we made.  We nearly killed ourselves trying to pass our board exams, but eventually came out on TOP!  The CSI Dental Hygiene program is one of the BEST things to happen to me.  "What doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you".  I can't believe that I was so lucky to have this experience, but I'm ever so grateful that I did.  I appreciate my husband for all of his support and his love and his understanding.  He was often placed on the back burner when an assignment needed to be done, and he never complained.  I'm grateful for my parents and siblings who always had faith in my abilities.  I'm grateful for my classmates for putting up with me every day for 2 years.  I'm grateful for the CSI Dental Hygiene faculty for seeing the potential in me and helping me become what I'd hoped I would be.  Man...I'm sad it's over.  ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END, right?  I'm so proud of all of us! CONGRATS CLASS OF 2014!

-Sierra Christen Rock, RDH

Me and my director, Cindy Harding

Couldn't ask for a better director

Class of 2014

Graduation with Distinction Award

My #1 Supporter

Dad and Pam and Dalton drove up from Vegas

Mom and Blair flew from Vegas to be with me

YAY Grandma EE

A few smarty pants

Class 2014

Cute Caps!

Bryan and Karen came too! 


What Do Ya Know?

Well what do ya know? It's been many many moons since I last made a post on this forsaken blog of mine.  I make no excuses...I'm still lame.  Well I've finished my 3rd semester of dental hygiene school, and have now just begun my 4th and final semester of this program! Over Christmas Break, James flew down to California to interview at Western University in Pomona CA for Dental school.  It went really well and we should know here in the next few weeks whether he has been accepted to start in the fall or not.  {Keep your fingers crossed.  Better yet, PRAY for us!}  Later on in the break, I took my first of many boards to receive my DH License.  It was the WREB written anesthesia board and I PASSED! {Doin' a little dance}  My next board will be the anesthesia clinical in March {Happy Birthday to me!} It's been a long journey.  I'm almost sad to see my time here go so fast, and I'm slightly dreading the day that I will have to leave behind the 9 other girls that I've gone through this ordeal with.  They have become sisters to me and don't really know how I'll react when I'm not seeing them everyday...{enough of the sentimental talk} I still have a few more months and I'm going to make the best of it!  I'm gonna do what we Rocks do...I'm gonna have a ROCKIN' time!

We really do A LOT more than most people think!

A "Prophy" is the actual term for a cleaning...So now it makes sense eh?